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Unarmed self-defense requires some degree of skill so that you can work. Always remember the goal of self-defense is to escape from an attacker. 

It is recommended for every man, lady, and kid to purchase a great, fundamental self defense course. Additionally it is wise for girls and youngsters to invest in self defense courses which are far more specific to them, because they are usually a great deal smaller than an attacker may be. 

Within a superb self defense course, you'll not only understand some moves which will get you out of particular holds or moves that will considerably slow your attacker down so you could get away, but you will also learn to avert situations where you might be attacked. Learn about martial arts at http://ruthatrunk809.wordpress.com and from  http://tomssportsvideoblog.page.tl/.

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I was wondering how the ninja got into that odd looking uniform. It has all these strings and things that go on the arm and even has 2 hoods that go over the face. Now why would you want two hoods? So I went out and looked around at some different sites and ninja costume videos on youtube. What I found was interesting. Was the uniform hard to put on? Yes it was but the instructions were easy to follow. You can see some of the uniforms here at http://www.ninjauniform.org/. The prices seemed okay, but I am not a ninja expert when it comes to the costs of their gear.


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I have been trying to get my Left side kick up more. Unfortunately it has been over 2 months now and my kick has not gotten any higher. So now I am going to try and use a machine to help me. I saw this one online http://www.bestlegstretchers.com/shop-gear/metal-leg-stretcher/ and thought I would give it a try! For $30 I will give it a shot!

So what about people like superfoot Wallace from the 70's. He had only his left leg go high. His other leg could not go over his waist. He had some sort of injury that did not allow him to go any higher on that side.



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Here he is explaining the art and how he incorporates it into a mixed style.

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Hre is a style that is very fast and very dangerous. And probably the most famous of these practitioners and teachers is Mr Dan Inosantos. He was once Brice Lee's student and trained in Jeet Kune Do. Now he incorporates all of his martial arts techniques into his own unique style. To watch him move is absolutely astounding.

If you ever have the chance to train with him you really should. he does all sorts of seminars through out the country. Just look him inline and go vist him. A true living legend.

He is Philippino and Escrima is the martial art that was developed there. It uses sticks, knives and empty hands. I will try to find some videos and post them here so everyone can see this awesome martial art.